How to Improve Your Cookery Skills When You Move Abroad

How to Improve Your Cookery Skills When You Move Abroad

When moving to another country, there are many things that nobody tells you. One of these is that you will need to learn to cook again.With new foods and cultures worldwide, food varies greatly in each place you visit.Every country has their own specialties and what you can purchase in one country in the supermarket, you may not find in another. If you are moving abroad or already live abroad, here are some easy ways to get to know the local cuisine and cook like an expert.

Eat Out!

If you want to know what foods you like best and how your new country makes some of their best dishes, there is nowhere better to go than the source of the food. Try eating out in a variety of restaurants or cafes and take note of the dishes you enjoy most. This will allow you to build an idea in your head of what foods you would like to start preparing yourself, as you don’t want to end up making a whole lot of dishes you won’t enjoy. If you have just moved here, visiting bars and restaurants is a great way to begin to meet the locals and other expats.

Do Some Research

Moving to a new country also brings with it a language barrier and, therefore,understanding what to buy at your new local supermarket can be difficult. Doing some research into what ingredients you need and what the word for your ingredients are in both your native language and your new country’s language can assist in making your life a lot easier. For the first few times you go shopping, write a list with what you need in both languages, this means if you cannot find it on a shelf you can ask the shopkeeper. This is a good way to begin learning the native language

Attend a Local Cookery Class

Finding a cookery class ran by an expert chef is the greatest way to dive into your new culture and learn from the best of the best. This is yet another way to meet others that may be in similar situations to yourself too. Cookery classes such as the ones run at Chiang Mai Thai cookery school aid new chefs in their discovery of Thai food. Thai cuisine is one that is difficult to master and, therefore, visiting a private class such as this one will allow you to become an expert in the field a lot quicker than if you were to read a recipe book. Look for a class that is English speaking if you cannot speak the native language, to ensure you can fully immerse yourself into the class.

Learning how to cook the local cuisine gives you a chance to explore the culture of your new country and immerse yourself in all it has to offer. Teaching yourself how to cook in a way you are not familiar with poses many challenges and a cookery class is your best bet of becoming an expert chef in your new home.

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