Design Inspirations to Create an Awe Inspiring Entryway

Adorning your living space or office with elegant paintings is beneficial in many ways beyond the obvious. No doubts, paintings boost your mood and create a more relaxing environment. Be it a living room or an office environment, showcasing artwork is an excellent medium to make an impressive and personal connection with your guests and clients. While Indian traditional paintings help you add a rich appeal to your home, striking contemporary paintings and sculptures are good options to lend a personal touch to the décor of your office cabin. If you are seeking some fresh and innovative ways to transform your living space to a picture perfect home and at the same time, you want to stimulate an inviting vibe, then we will suggest that you should consider adorning the entryway and front door of your home. More often than not, aisle leading from front door to living rooms and hallways are blank canvases. If utilized properly, they offer numerous ways to enhance the flair and functionality of the space. Take a moment to read the following pointers to get an idea about how adding different décor elements can transform the entryway of your home.

  • Lighting: Certainly, no one can deny the fact that a well-lit entryway is not only inviting, but it also has a certain charm and aura of its own. Therefore, should always keep lighting in mind while doing or designing the entryway. Besides illuminating the dull and dark passage, entryway lighting options like, elaborate chandeliers, stylish pendant, striking string lights or even lamps mounted on sculptures give an insight of your personal style and also, add esthetical appeal to your space. You can use dimmers to create a visual effect or statement lightings that double as sculpture to add visual appeal to the entryway.
  • A well-defined entryway: We all have tried placing rugs and runners around our beds, but have you ever considered placing a patterned rug to define your entryway? Chances are that you have not. Trust us, adding rugs not only enhance the floor, but also protect it. Textured runners, especially the ones inspired by traditional paintings, offer an artistic way to draw people into your living space.
  • Introduce a seat: If space allows, then you must try including a bench in your entryway. In addition to their functionality, such benches also help you enhance the aesthetical appeal of the entryway. A dark mahogany bench placed against a wall adorned with some traditional paintings creates an awe-inspiring effect.
  • Stash your things: Place some beautiful baskets or storage stools in your entryway; voila! You have created your own storage space that is not only beautiful, but will help you keep the knick-knacks organized. You can also introduce space saving floating shelves. If you are looking for some space to display frame work and are open to experiments, then you can use the top entryway shelves.
  • Decorative Mirror: Create an illusion of space by introducing oversized decorative mirrors to your cramped entryway. Mirrors complimented with proper lighting and art, like miniature paintings or other forms of Indian traditional paintings, has the ability to brighten up the otherwise dull and cramped entryway.
  • Add patterns and colors: A colorful accent wall, flattered by elegant furnishings and accessories, is an excellent way to add colors and pattern to your entryway.

Create a gallery wall: Turn the blank wall of your entryway into a gallery wall by strategically displaying framed artwork or photographs. In addition to creating a wonderful first impression on visitors, a gallery wall also gives clues about your personality. If you are not sure about turning the entire wall into a gallery wall, you can try arranging paired traditional paintings or create a mini version of gallery wall. If space permits, you can consider hanging an elongated artwork or one of your all-time favorite large paintings. In addition to being a sure shot way to make a long lasting impression on your guests, showcasing carefully chosen paintings in the entryway opens the door for some interesting conversations.